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deepeye's AI-driven platform aims to prevent blindness by optimizing retinal disease therapy, increasing adherence rates and real-world outcomes for both pharma and providers

100 million people globally suffer from vision-threatening retinal diseases. A $13bn drug can stop patients from vision loss. Still, ⅔ of cases of blindness in EU+US are due to these diseases like wet AMD. deepeye provides an AI-based precision health platform that improves therapy outcomes by up to 6x by boosting:

-Adherence & persistence from 38% to 78% (2x)

-Real-world vision outcomes from 36% to 100% (3x)

deepeye's vision is to prevent 1 million additional people from blindness by 2030 by empowering ophthalmologists with AI-based optimal therapy prognosis. Their pre-clinical AI is used by pharma, payors and providers’ associations to gain new insights on their therapy data. They are working on their clinical product to provide therapy decision support with 1 click at the PoC in 2024

Ophthalmology, AI, Precision Health, Adherence, Decision Support

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