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PharmaCCX's digital solution revolutionizes pricing negotiations between healthcare systems and pharma companies, streamlining contracts, and improving healthcare outcomes

Today, it takes on average >500 days to negotiate prices after drug approval in Europe resulting in a loss of ~$80B due to access delays. PharmaCCX offers a digital solution that simplifies pricing and contracting between healthcare systems and pharma companies. By removing complexity and enabling efficient follow-up, PharmaCCX's software tool revolutionizes the negotiation and management of price contracts. With its simple infrastructure, prices can be negotiated based on indications and drug usage, while integrating consumption data and facilitating rebate settlements. PharmaCCX's solution streamlines this process, freeing up valuable human resources to focus on strategic opportunities that advance health systems, companies, and stakeholders, ultimately leading to improved healthcare outcomes.

Pharma, Ops, Sales, Efficiency

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