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Phinomics targets the Circulome to enable precision medicine in oncology, offering innovative methods for disease pathology and drug-resistance analysis

Phinomics has unlocked a revolutionary approach to genomic technology by targeting the Circulome, a unique subset of human genome that plays a key role in disease pathology and drug-resistance. Developed with collaboration from Stanford University, Phinomics' innovative platform includes proprietary methods for the isolation, classification, and exploitation of the Circulome. Beginning with bladder cancer, they have demonstrated the ability to stratify patients for targeted therapies. With promising clinical evidence, Phinomics is positioned to enable precision medicine across various oncological indications, offering immense potential for both patients and pharmaceutical companies working on next-generation therapeutic trials. Their novel approach places them as a leading force in the rapidly evolving landscape of personalized medical treatment in oncology

Tech Bio, AI, Oncology, Precision Medicine

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