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The Springboard Health Angels
Expert Group

Dr. Kalon Hewage

Surgeon-turned-VC Kalon, MD, BSc, MSc, combines healthcare and startup expertise. Garnered $20M+ in funding, working with Pace Ventures on HealthTech and BioTech innovations

Jan Benedikt Brönneke, LLM

Jan, Associate Lead Expert at BWI, oversees digitalization of German Armed Forces Medical Service. Ex-Director at Germany’s Health Innovation Hub, advised on healthcare system's digital transformation

Katie Baca-Motes

Katie Baca-Motes, co-founder of Scripps Research Digital Trials Center and CSO at CareEvolution. Former Disney Imagineer, innovating digital health and decentralized clinical trials. UCSD MBA

Dr. Hans-Martin Vetter

Hans-Martin, business engineer/PhD, scaled TeleClinic's telemedical supply. Ex-McKinsey with 7+ years, co-founded an animal health tech startup and collaborated with Rocket Internet

Michael Rosenstock

Michael, Head of Digitalization at Sana Kliniken AG, specializes in digital health and data-driven medicine. M&A experience at KPMG and Rothschild. Master's from Rotterdam School of Management.

Dr. Florian Nickels-Teske

Start-Up Founder, Digital-Hub Lead, COO Corporate Digital Spin-Off, Director Health Institute

Dr. Florian Koerber

Florian, digital health startup program lead at Flying Health, former CEO of Newsenselab and ex-GlaxoSmithKline. Passionate about healthcare innovation. Holds a PhD in health economics

Dr. Anne Latz

Anne Latz, MD and neuroscience Ph.D., co-founded several digital health companies, currently CMO at HELLO INSIDE. Holds Harvard post-grad certificate in Patient Safety, Quality, Informatics, and Leadership

Markus Teuber

Markus, co-founder of a Digital Health venture, ex-private equity investment manager, currently VP Partnerships at DasLab. Brings 12+ years of international experience. University of Cologne graduate

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