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The Springboard Health Angels
Expert Group

Dr. Hans-Martin Vetter

Hans-Martin, business engineer/PhD, scaled TeleClinic's telemedical supply. Ex-McKinsey with 7+ years, co-founded an animal health tech startup and collaborated with Rocket Internet

Michael Rosenstock

Michael, Head of Digitalization at Sana Kliniken AG, specializes in digital health and data-driven medicine. M&A experience at KPMG and Rothschild. Master's from Rotterdam School of Management.

Audrey Tsang

Audrey, co-CEO of Clue, previously led product teams at Pinterest, HotelTonight, and Yelp. Trained leadership coach, angel investor, and Stanford CS and Kellogg MBA graduate

Jan Benedikt Brönneke, LLM

Jan, Associate Lead Expert at BWI, oversees digitalization of German Armed Forces Medical Service. Ex-Director at Germany’s Health Innovation Hub, advised on healthcare system's digital transformation

Dr. Florian Koerber

Florian, digital health startup program lead at Flying Health, former CEO of Newsenselab and ex-GlaxoSmithKline. Passionate about healthcare innovation. Holds a PhD in health economics

Dr. Florian Nickels-Teske

Start-Up Founder, Digital-Hub Lead, COO Corporate Digital Spin-Off, Director Health Institute

Dr. Anne Latz

Anne Latz, MD and neuroscience Ph.D., co-founded several digital health companies, currently CMO at HELLO INSIDE. Holds Harvard post-grad certificate in Patient Safety, Quality, Informatics, and Leadership

Markus Teuber

Markus, co-founder of a Digital Health venture, ex-private equity investment manager, currently VP Partnerships at DasLab. Brings 12+ years of international experience. University of Cologne graduate

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